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Strong Chambers for the Future!

Gone is the day when a business joins the local chamber of commerce because it is the community thing to do. Businesses are looking for a return on their investment! Today, more than ever before, chambers of commerce must provide businesses with what they need and want. Unfortunately, far too many organizations take a “cookie cutter” approach to developing their program of work… and strategic plan. (75 – 90 minutes)

​Managing Yourself & Leading Others

Developing leadership skills will allow you to be recognized for advancement within your company or organization. However, leadership connotes having followers and you will never be able to lead others unless you can first manage yourself.

​Common Sense Customer Service!

Your customers have more choices today that at any other time in history. “Big Box” stores and chain outlets are cropping up in every community. They have real estate divisions that are choosing prime locations and they have training programs that each and every employee must go through before being allowed to have one-on-one contact with the customer. Some of these businesses can even legitimately claim to offer lower prices. In other words, they are positioning themselves to “eat your lunch”.

The Effective Board of Directors

Effective governance is an important key to building a successful organization. In this session, Chuck Ewart leads an interactive discussion on what governance structure is best appropriate for the organization… and how the Board and staff can more effectively execute the program of work and the strategic plan. (45 -60 minutes)

Remembrances from 33,000 Feet - A Chamber Primer

The following missives come from a wonderful 38 year career as a chamber of commerce executive and consultant. Charlie "Tremendous" Jones was one of my favorite motivational influencers during the 1970's & '80's... he was fond of saying that everything he had become was because of the books he had read, and the people he had met. Another speaker and author that had an impact on my career was Zig Ziglar who said that if you want to be a success, you must walk with those who are successful.
I have been so very fortunate to walk among some of the giants of our industry. 

The first lesson, perhaps the most important, offered in this primer is to find a mentor or mentors who can help you grow, mature, and succeed in your career. Other lessons will include the basics of chamber and association leadership success. If you are able to take away just a few things that will help you grow and become a more effective leader and executive, and provide the organization your members deserve, then I will be one happy man! We can tailor this presentation as an after-meal speech or a workshop of up to three (3) hours.

Building Bridges for a Dynamic, Productive Team

In this era of downsizing and budget constraints, it is of vital importance that we take full advantage of our employees… without them feeling taken advantage of. Research has determined that employees are motivated more by performing meaningful, interesting work and a full appreciation of the work being done. Salary actually ranks 5th out of the top ten in studies of what employees want from their workplace. (90 – 120 minutes)

Successful Economic Development on a Shoestring!

Some of you may be way too young to remember Brogan shoes. They are sturdy, reliable, ankle high lace-up shoes. Brogans have been around for a long, long time. As a matter of fact, soldiers in the Civil War would have sold their souls for the soles (and uppers) of good, solid lace-up brogans. If you’re in a situation where you must operate on a “shoestring”, your laces might as well be the shoestrings of reliable brogans. Don’t be a loafer… be recognized as a solid economic development leader!

The Power of Planning

Today, more than ever before, membership organizations must prove their relevance to the customer. Gone is the day when a company joins the Chamber of Commerce because it's the "community thing to do". We must show the customer that there is a real return on the investment being made in the organization. The planning process reveals what tools and resources we need to be successful. It demonstrates to the member and to our key volunteers that we are serious about accomplishing important objectives. It gives us a track to run on. (45 - 60 minutes)

Facilitator, Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

The Power of Commitment

Success in business and in life requires each of us to dream a great deal. However, dreaming without action is nothing more than pipe dreams and wishes. We must be true to our guiding principles, and we must develop a well thought out action plan with goals and objectives to keep us on track in achieving those aspirations. Once the plan is in place, we must focus like a laser beam and commit to making things happen.

Encouraging the Heart

Employee attraction and retention is one of the most critical issues facing businesses today. Do you know the number #1 reason most employees give for leaving their current employer? If you said for more money and better benefits… think again. Survey after survey points out that the chief reason given for finding new employment is because of limited praise and recognition. Research has found that only 40% of North American workers receive any recognition for a job well done… about the same percentage of employees never get recognized for outstanding individual performance.

​Inspiring & Embracing Change

It has been said that when the rate of change outside of the organization is greater than the rate of change within the organization, the end is in sight. We all agree that change is the only constant, however, so many business people are comfortable with the way things are… they resist making the changes that could propel their companies forward.

​Membership Strategies in These Turbulent Times

Membership continues to be the lifeblood of Chambers of Commerce and Associations. However, our strategy and techniques to membership sales and retention must be honed during these challenging times. We must also change how we think about and approach membership sales and retention. (75 – 90 minutes)

Chuck Ewart is highly sought-after as a speaker, strategic planner, meeting facilitator, workshop & seminar presenter, and CEO search consultant. Ewart has addressed more than 2200 groups in 44 states and several foreign countries over the past 38 years.

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The Power of Proactive Networking

In survey after survey, businesses tell us that the number one reason for joining their local chamber of commerce is to have the opportunity to network. Creating a strong and positive social network is crucial to their personal and business success.

Training Workshops

Presentations that Influence!

Right or wrong, people form a perception about how competent you are by how you present yourself when you stand and speak. They also form an impression about the organization you represent based on your performance. Public speaking is a great way to separate yourself from the pack, because when you stand up and say what you want to say, the way you want to say it, you are doing what 95% of the people in the audience wish they could do. A person who is confident in front of a group gives off an air of competence and professionalism. The vast majority of Fortune 500 CEO’s credit their success in business with the ability to influence others through the communication process.

​Working with Boards, Committees, and Volunteers

Critical to the success of any chamber or association executive or staff member is the ability to work closely with volunteers. This session offers tips and techniques for dealing effectively with the volunteers who are so important to the goals and objectives outlined in your annual “program of work” and, more importantly, your strategic plan. (60 – 90 minutes)